Love you a latte: how to fika for Father’s Day (and other DIY gift ideas!)  

The best moments with dad don’t have to cost the earth: keep it simple and fun with a Father’s Day the whole family can relax and enjoy.

This month, we’ve got lots of Father's Day homemade kitchen gift ideas and celebration how-to’s for you...but before we get started, take a moment to fika.

Fika for father’s day:

Have you heard of fika? This Nordic tradition of taking a daily break to enjoy coffee and sweets with friends is a great way to celebrate Father’s Day. Unlike its fancier Mother’s Day cousin “high tea”, fika is a relaxed tradition that focuses on connection...and fuelling up on sweets. Finnish Vancouverite and mom Elina Singh explains it this way:

“Fika is more than a break from work, it's a chance to socialize, to catch up, and to connect. It's a "how's your day going? What are you planning to do this evening? Here, have another cinnamon bun. Shall we play soccer after dinner?" It was a daily thing in my family. We'd sit down for coffee and juice when we kids got home from school. My mom and dad took a break from their farm work to hear how our day was going, and it was also a chance to plan the evening. People often talk about how important it is to eat dinner together as a family. We did that too, but I think the afternoon coffee was almost more important.”

For a Father’s Day fika, start by making your setting look special: dress up your table with a tablecloth, napkins, and tea cups—mugs aren't a fika thing, so think smaller cups with saucers underneath. Then it’s time to pick some sweet treats that dad will really enjoy: try kladdkaka (a dense chocolate cake), chockladbollar (aka chocolate balls—these no-bake treats are often the first recipe Swedish kids learn to make!), mazarin cake, cinnamon S-cookies, and cardamom-scented pulla bread - try Elina's recipe or this Sointula-style variation from past Hands-On Cook-Off winner Elain Evans. You'll find pulla is perfect for making pretty kanelbulle (cinnamon buns). And of course, you’ll need some cake to celebrate dad—try this amazing coffee cake with berries!

DIY kitchen gifts

Now that you've powered up on treats, break out the father’s day presents. Here are some easy DIY kitchen gifts for father’s day to get you started:

* A popcorn sampler, with different kinds of popcorn and toppings - pair it up with a movie night!

* A fancied up cookbook ...and here’s how to go one step further and make him a family recipe book.

* Homemade shaving oil

For more present ideas (homemade chocolate bar, anyone?) check out our round-up of kitchen-themed hand made gifts for Father’s Day. And if you're looking for more celebration ideas, we've got plenty below!

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* Lose the tie! Throw dad a treasure hunt picnic for Father's Day

We’d love to hear from your family about how you're planning to celebrate. Connect with us on our Facebook Page or Instagram feed and let us know what you’re cooking up for the dads in your life.

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