Octopus Mom

As a parent, I'm multi-tasking and trying to accomplish several things at the same time. I prepare home-made foods for my family. Once the food is ready, I grab a quick bite and usually fold the laundry or do some other household chore while the kids are finishing eating. I feel like I need to slow down.

Octopus Mom

Dear OM:

Ready? Take a deep breath... It's OK to slow down. Mealtimes with the family can be your opportunity to do that. You're clearly in control, so if you choose to make mealtimes an important priority, then everything else can be organized around that.

And maybe folding laundry after the meal can be another activity that's done "better together"...

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  • Eight for dinner was the usual thing for some years after I married a man who came with four kids. I had two. For years the routine was that each child got to choose one menu per week and to cook it--though I was also in the kitchen. The "cook" was never on KP that night. We ate a lot of hot dogs, fish fingers and frozen fries, but also had a huge salad every single night and an unending supply of oranges and apples.My kids by age eight could put dinner on the table. The best thing was that we were often joined by their friends--some for months at a time. It was chaotic, but hardly anyone ever missed being home for dinner. The time? It was much more fun to show the children how to make salad dressing than to fold laundry. BTW, I was working. Enjoy them while you can: there will be lots of years in the future when they won't be. --signed a grandmother.

    Leslie Savage 22 May 2013, at 2:01 pm