The Best Brownies

A classic brownie recipe based on Jean Paré's Company's Coming recipe on p.136 in "150 Delicious Squares". We found that the original recipe can be a bit dry and not rise well when baking, but when the recipe is doubled, the brownies turn out light, chewy, moist and delicious! 

The icing is an original concoction of dark chocolate and cream, that when spread on top of the brownies makes for a more fudgy brownie. 
We have a motto that "Baking is for Sharing", so while we may enjoy a piece or two, we always share with neighbours and friends within our community. We hope you enjoy our video and are inspired to bake together and share with others, too!

Submitted by Jessica Holder on May 15, 2019
Recipe Attribution
Jean Paré's brownie recipe from Company's Coming "150 Delicious Squares"