Lila's Salt Crusted Rainbow Trout

Too many of us are disconnected from our food, and rarely see it in whole form. Thankfully, Lila is more curious than squeamish about fish, and we’re taking this opportunity to explore that in a fun way. Salt crusting and baking a whole fish is an ancient technique. Simple prep and minimal ingredients allow kids to take control. The fish we bought is local and Oceanwise certified, meaning it is from a sustainable source, and the herbs we used were picked right out of our own garden. Rainbow trout is the perfect ingredient here since it’s small enough for kids to handle, and it has a good but not-too-strong flavour. Plus, hiding a fish under a pile of salt and then cracking it out of the hard baked crust is fun! Other than dessert, what could be better?

2016 Multigenerational Grand Prize Winner

Submitted by Ben Garfinkel on May 18, 2016
Recipe Attribution
Dad (Ben Garfinkel)