Lila's Fried Rice

Ever since she was introduced to a Filipino version of fried rice made by her beloved daycare provider, it has always been one of Lila’s favourite foods. Now it’s time for Lila to learn how to make her own. But what’s the secret to a good fried rice?

One rainy day last fall, Lila and her dad headed to the heart of Vancouver’s Chinatown to find out.

Participating in a workshop led by hua foundation—an organization acting to bring greater awareness of Chinese culture and practices and to preserve Vancouver’s diminishing Chinatown—Lila and her dad first learned about and selected ingredients from Chinatown shops before being led through the fundamentals of making the classic dish.

Fried rice is often an “anything goes” kind of meal, which makes it a great way to use leftovers and to introduce healthy ingredients such as vegetables and whole grains into the mix. While there are some key steps to making fried rice, it’s okay to vary quantities and flavours to suit what you have on hand and appeal to kid-friendly tastes.

Younger kids can pick the ingredients, help chop them, and then have their parents cook them up. Older kids, like Lila, can do almost all the work. It’s also a fantastic recipe for teaching proper knife skills.

So often we pursue food with local and sustainable origins. Looking around our neighbourhood and city, we can also explore these aspects of our food from an ethnic and historical perspective.

Follow along with Lila and her dad and then try it for yourself.

Submitted by Ben Garfinkel on May 17, 2017
Recipe Attribution
Hua Foundation's "Do-it-yourself Fried Rice" recipe