Lila Cooks Mama Feng’s Famous Wontons

Not too long ago a friend of ours invited us to come over and learn how to make her mother’s special wontons. While not exactly a secret recipe, we were honoured to have been let in on this special family dish. Ever since, Lila jumps at the opportunity to make them again. Now she’s sharing with you.

As you’ll see, getting kids involved in fun food preparation really changes their relationship to food. It extends their culinary reach and opens them to trying new things. The best part? Experimenting with the cuisine of other cultures expands their palate and perspective.

Although this recipe is a traditional Chinese version, wontons are fun and flexible, and the ingredients can be adapted to suit the tastes of even the fussiest of eaters. Use your creativity to make some unique fillings and sauces, or simply serve them in soup—there are no limits!

A kid-friendly tip: tone down or leave spicy chili oil out of the sauce and provide it on the side as a condiment.

Submitted by Ben Garfinkel on May 16, 2018
Recipe Attribution
Mama Feng