Lila and Edie's Banana Cream Pie Chia Pudding

We’ve watched Lila mature in the kitchen, making increasingly complex dishes. Her earliest endeavours were desserts (like lemon mousse), perhaps motivated by getting to eat the sweet outcome. Now her little sister Edie is clamouring to take part in our kitchen adventures. Who better to be her guide than in-house expert and big sister Lila!

Sneaking nutrients into delicious foods is a time-honoured parental trick. This time, Lila’s in on it as we make Banana Cream Pie Chia Pudding. The words disguise the benefits of this cleverly appealing dish. It’s vegan, gluten-free, grain-free and refined-sugar-free. It’s so healthy, we like it for breakfast!

Kids and adults alike can use their creativity and add any number of toppings and add-ons to customize and keep it interesting. Our family enjoys the peanut butter and jam version.

Submitted by Ben Garfinkel on May 14, 2019
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