Grandma's Marshmallow Salad

This was one of our grandmother's fun and easy desserts that she made (often called Ambrosia) when we were all together in the summer for a family dinner. This May we were gathered for a small memorial for my dad who passed away on Christmas day in his hometown of Trail, BC in the Kootenays. We wanted to come together to celebrate his birthday and spread his ashes in his favorite fishing spot on the Columbia River. Auntie Donna is an amazing cook and I've been asking her to teach me some of our family recipes from my grandma (her and my dad's mother). Since this occasion was a big potluck with over 50 people, we weren't able to make something time consuming or complicated (especially because we wanted the kids to join in), so I asked her to make grandma's Marshmallow Salad because it just brought back nice memories from being at my grandparents house with my dad. My dad was only 52 when he passed away (after a 4 year battle with cancer) and it's really taught us all that, even though we live far apart (Vancouver, the Kootenays, etc), we can't take our AMAZING family for granted, and so we want to start having a reunion every year! If we win, the money will go towards buying the food to learn more recipes and teach them to us younger generations at the next family reunion (like borscht, rhubarb tarts, apple pie and poopselata lol). We had so much fun making this video and the best part was coming up with the idea for spending more time learning our family recipes so we can keep passing them on. Thank you for considering our video, we love the concept behind this contest because we love our family! Since pineapple is not in season, we used canned fruit. Once the cans were open, we strained both the pineapple and tangerines. We then measured one cup of sour cream, one cup of shredded coconut and 2 cups of mini marshmallows and mixed all of the ingredients together in the large bowl. It is best to chill in the fridge for 15-30 minutes, however not necessary before enjoying this fun and easy desert at a family potluck :)

Submitted by Jenny Konkin on May 15, 2014
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Grandma passing it down