40¢ Microwave Burritos

40¢ MICROWAVE BURRITOS! With a big family, healthy, quick & budget friendly recipes are really important! Our kitchen hack is these cheap burritos made from scratch! Every month or so, we all work together to make as many burritos as we can! To make them, we mix together rice, enough refried pinto beans to moisten the rice, and add a bunch of frozen vegetables! Then we wrap them in flour wraps with shredded cheese and stick them in the freezer. All it takes to eat one is a couple minutes in the microwave, oven, or de-thawing on the counter! Our family of 11 at home (& one on the way) can eat a whole meal for $4.40! Food doesn't get much better than a healthy 40¢ a serving!

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Submitted by Callista Allemekinders on May 21, 2020
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