Judging Criteria

This contest is all about bringing together food and fun in the kitchen by having two or more generations, or two or more youth demonstrate how to prepare a recipe. Breakfast, BBQ, pizza, salad, dinner, snacks…recipes in any category are acceptable. Share one of your favourites and show us why your recipe is made better together!

Video entries that meet the 3 minute time limit once uploaded online and adhere to the contest rules will be judged according to the following criteria:


  • Participation: 30%
  • Food safety: 3%
  • Kitchen safety: 3%
  • Eating together: 4%


  • Enjoyment/fun: 15%
  • Inspiration: 15%
  • Concept: 10%


  • Recipe re-creation: 5%
  • Practical considerations: 5%


  • At judge's discretion: 10%

For details of what the judges are looking for in each category for these criteria, check the following summary sheets:

For tips on food safety, check the BC online resource Caring about food safety.

For tips on kitchen safety, check the cooking tips on Better Together.