Our top DIY Christmas gifts (for everyone on your list!)

Our favourite DIY Christmas gifts the whole family—and neighbours—will love to receive!

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The holidays come but once a year...yet they always seem to leave us racking our brains (and our bank accounts!) for the perfect gifts.  If you want to keep gift giving simple and from the heart this year, we've got you covered! Below are some of our favourite homemade gift ideas for everyone on your list.  Enjoy the process—spending time with your family in the kitchen—while whipping up these seriously amazing gifts! 

For the kids:

Gingerbread houses your giftee gets to assemble and decorate are sure to be a hit—and since the gingerbread baking part is the straightforward part, it’s faster than you’d think to pull this impressive gift together. Start by using a simple recipe to bake the pieces of the house, then add a bottle of icing and a bag of assorted candies and instructions to help your giftees get busy building. If you’re short on time, you can gift a graham cracker house  (just tie a pretty bow around the graham crackers and include a tip-sheet!), or if a whole gingerbread house feels like you might be biting off more than the kids can chew, try these cute house-shaped sugar cookie assembly kits.

For families looking for non-edible options, these beautiful homemade watercolour paints are easy to whip up in your kitchen—you’ll need five ingredients, a mini muffin tin, and some paintbrushes for your mini-Picasso.

For Dad:

Though it may take a little sleuthing to find ingredients like shea butter (your best bet is a natural foods store) we promise you that it is totally worth it to make Dad this whipped rosemary-mint shaving cream,  and this bay rum aftershave.  If Dad prefers a snackier present, these sweet and spicy nuts make the perfect accompaniment to his favourite holiday movie.

For Mom:

This fresh-smelling lemon sugar scrub leaves skin perfectly lovely—and it uses only four ingredients that you already have in your kitchen. Kids will have a lot of fun putting this one together as it’s easy for (clean) little hands to scoop, measure and stir.   

For Grandma and Grandpa:

Salt dough keepsakes and their sparkling white baking soda cousins are a classic present that kids love to make (and grandparents love to receive). Small kids will enjoy making simple handprint ornaments, and bigger kids can get crafty with stamps to emboss their ornaments. If you’re looking to kick it up a notch in the ornament department, you can’t go wrong with these stained glass cookies (tip: use a straw to punch a hole in them before you put them in the oven, and they’ll come out ready to be strung on a colourful ribbon and admired). And even if they don’t turn out as pretty as the picture, the whole family can enjoy eating the evidence.

For the neighbours:

These mulled cider sachets smell heavenly, and are easy for kids to assemble (it’s also a nice chance for them to see and smell beautiful spices like star anise).  Or, for a gift that will keep on giving (and giving, and giving) this sour dough starter makes an easy (and tasty!) gift.

Looking for more? We’ve got more easy DIY food gifts to make with kids here, and tons of great ideas here on our holiday pinboard! And we’d love to hear from you: what are you cooking up for the holidays? Share your ideas (and photos) with us here, or drop us a line on Twitter!

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