You took a Pizza My Heart: How to Throw a Valentine's Pizza Party!

How to Throw a Valentine's Pizza Party!

Ah, l’amour. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and if the love in the air has you hankering to throw a celebration that the kids can get involved in, we have two words for you: Pizza Party. A Valentine's Pizza party is a fun and festive way to celebrate Valentines, while giving everyone in the family a chance to get involved in making, designing and of course, eating their hearts out! And really, what could be cuter than a heart-shaped pizza?

If you’ve never attempted your own dough before, you’ll be happy to know pizza dough is actually quick to make and easy to mould into various creative forms. Your kids will have no problem tackling the heart-shaped pizza, with just a little help from you. Now, all you need to do is invite some friends over!

A Few Pointers…

Individual Pizzas: Each guest should be given their own pre-made ball of dough (depending on the age of the children you can either let them create the heart shape out of the dough themselves, or you can create the heart base ahead of time for each guest).

Pre-prepped Toppings Buffet: Pre-prep your buffet of grated cheese, tomato sauce, olives, mushrooms, peppers, pineapple, whatever you and your party loves to eat. Give the kids some basic guidelines i.e. fragile toppings like spinach should go on first so they don’t burn.

Labour of Love
As the mini chefs get to work, encourage the kids to have fun with the ingredients, to think about what would make their pizza taste the most delicious to them to be explorative with their creations. You could provide some heart-shaped salamis or a variety of cheeses. 

Pump up the Party
Here are some fun ideas to keep a strong Valentine's theme going at your party: 

  • Pretty in Pink Punch. Mix up a batch of pink punch following the simple recipe of equal parts club soda, cranberry juice and cherry juice.
  • Will U Be Mine? Set up an area where the kids can create their own Valentine's cards and provide paper lunch bags for each guest, so other guests can secretly put Valentine’s notes in for them. Make sure to have fun supplies like coloured papers, double-sided tape, safe scissors, pens, pencils, markers and stickers. 
  • Guessing Game. Fill a big clear jar with Hershey’s kisses or cinnamon hearts and have kids guess the number of candies in the jar. Whoever guesses closest to the real number takes the whole bounty home! 
  • Printable Pizza Valentines We found some free, fun and deliciously cheesy printable pizza valentines you can print out right at home, with captions like “You took a pizza my heart!” 

 Let the party begin! Happy Valentine's Day! We’ll leave you with this simple, tried and true dough recipe.

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