Up and at ‘em: how to make breakfast on the run!

For those busy weekday mornings, here are our favourite ideas for make-ahead breakfasts the whole family will love!

Raspberry Bars, from EverybodyLikesSandwiches.com

Are most of your weekday mornings a race out the door? We hear you. If breakfast is often left on the table while you wrangle the school run, it might be time to explore some meals that you can make ahead. Here, we’ve pulled together our favourite tactics and recipes for making sure your family—and you—can enjoy a breakfast of champions even as you’re sprinting out the door.

The weekend is the best time to prep for a busy week ahead.  Not only will you ensure a ready-to-go meal is on hand for those extra busy mornings, but the prepping itself is a great way to cook with your children when you’re not in a rush.  Our favourite grab and go breakfast recipes are easy to assemble (and very forgiving) so, depending on their ages, your kids can do almost all of the prep themselves.  Many studies say that when kids are involved in making a recipe themselves, they’re more likely to eat it—so let your little ones stir, glop and mix as much as they want while you get your family organized for the week ahead!

Oh, and almost all of these recipes are freezer friendly, meaning that once you and your sous-chefs have had a chance to sample your successes (strictly for, uh, quality control purposes) it’s time to pop the rest of the batch into the freezer, ready to be reheated on the next bleary-eyed morning. Now the hardest thing you’ll have to do in the morning is choose between the following tasty breakfast options:  

  1. If you need a punch of protein to get your day started right, give these these delicious (and cute!) mini frittatas a go or try Auntie Lynn's Famous Cheese Biscuits, which are surprisingly good spread with peanut or almond butter! 

  1. For serious hunger, try breakfast burritos: These ones are way more cost-effective than store-bought frozen burritos, healthier, and they always come with your favourite fillings.

  2. Eat cookies for breakfast! Breakfast cookies are  more or less cereal in cookie form—they have a ton of nuts and fruit in them to keep you going, as well as a little sweetness to get your day off to the right start. Try these sweeter ones made with oats and raisins; or these quinoa-based ones for a more hearty cookie. All of these go really well with a glass of warm milk in the morning! 

  3. Get baking: carrot breadapple muffins, raspberry bars and pumpkin bread are all tasty ways to get fruit and veg into your morning meal. To defrost, just pop in the toaster (don’t forget to slice up your loaves before you freeze them, so you can toast them slice by slice)

  4. If your freezer’s bare, overnight oatmeal’s your new best friend: just combine your ingredients the night before and pop the batter into a jar for a parfait that’ll be ready and waiting the next morning for you. Another parfait we love is this Rainbow Parfait which can also be prepped the night before!

  1. Last minute fixes: Prep didn’t work out the way you planned? Never fear, this egg-pita-pizza is ready in 6 minutes and avocado on toast is the ultimate in fast-but-filling breakfasts.

With these filling recipes under your belt, you can make family breakfast happen even on the craziest mornings. And if you have a favourite go-to to-go recipe that we missed here, we’d love to hear about it on our Facebook page or Twitter feed - or leave us a comment below!

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