Try a taste of history: how to time travel through cooking!

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Take a tasty trip in our time machine: in honour of Women’s History Month, we’re talking about how to teach history through cooking!

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Got a kid in your life who loves history? Cooking is an amazing (and delicious!) way to engage with history, whether you want to recreate a recipe from Ancient Egypt, or you’re curious about exploring your heritage through family recipes. We’re exploring some of the different ways food can take you on a journey through time—and since March is Women’s History Month, we’re including some ideas on how to celebrate your sheroes from history!

World history:
We’ve talked before about different ways to explore historical recipes, and about how far back in time it’s possible to cook. If you’re not sure where in time you’d like to start, this food timeline might be a helpful starting place. You and your child can also browse through this list of menus through the ages, or check out these recipes we rounded up from the past. Some of the oldest recipes we have today were passed down as rhyming recipes—rhymes being a way to easily memorize a recipe, even before people were able to write it down. Try experimenting with making your owning rhyming recipes, or turn a family recipe into a rhyming one! (Quick, what rhymes with “preheat oven to 350”?)

Home cooking:
Family recipes are a wonderful way to travel back in time—just tasting a traditional holiday food your family loves can bring back amazing memories, and help you remember loved ones. Learn how to collect your recipes to make a family recipe book, and if you’re short on family recipes (or you’re curious about other people’s recipes!) check out this amazing collection. Cooking is also a satisfying way to connect to your cultural heritage—check out BC’s Food History project, which collects people’s stories and recipes, or Montreal’s Roots to Recipes project to get inspired!

Eat like a hero:
Since everything goes better with friends—including history and food—why not combine the two? We love this idea of throwing a “Women’s History Month” potluck dinner,  where everyone contributes a dish inspired by a woman in their family (hint: this is a great opportunity to root through your family recipes!). Invite your guests to talk about women from their history and inspiring women in their lives; sharing photos, diaries, letters, scrapbooks and other anything else they’d like to bring. Alternately, you can invite each guest to come dressed as their sheroes like Hatshepsut, Mulan or Queen Elizabeth (more ideas here) and bring a dish from that time period to accompany them.

Are you throwing a Sheroes potluck, or sifting through your family history? We’d love to hear your stories and see your photos! Head to our Facebook page or Instagram feed for more tasty ideas, and to tell us about what you’re cooking up.

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