3-2-1 Action!

Check these tips to help you set up before taping your kitchen hack.

  • When setting up ingredients, make sure you position them in a way that prevents viewers from identifying the brands and products you are using. If that is not possible, consider pouring them in bowls, cups and plates instead. Otherwise, your video will be ineligible and you will have to resubmit a new one!
  • Set up your camera angle so that it takes advantage of available light or other light source. We’ll want to see what you’re doing! Avoid backlighting—having the light source behind your subjects makes your subjects dark and hard to see. It’s best if the light source is behind the camera (i.e. in front of your subjects).
  • Minimize distracting noises as much as possible. Turn off ringers on phones, avoid using the fan on the stove, and try to minimize outside noises by closing windows during filming.
  • Limit panning and zooming. This can become distracting if used too often.
  • If you have a tripod, use it. Otherwise, set your camera on a fixed object at a height and distance that will capture your subjects well.
  • Consider removing distracting clutter. Focus in on the action as much as possible.

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