Storm cooking: our favourite recipes for getting cosy when the weather outside is frightful!

With winter winds howling their way through January, it’s a great time to get cosy with these recipes that will help your family weather any storm.

One of the great things about a stormy day is that it’s a chance to slow down and make something that requires a little extra time with your family. With extra time on your hands, some cold weather and kids that could use a project, your kitchen is your best friend on a snow day!

Because you can’t necessarily run off in search of extra ingredients, good storm food involves your pantry staples. This pasta e ceci recipe is a crowd-pleaser: it’s comforting, easy and involves only 3 pantry ingredients. Bread baking is a time-hungry project that uses items you already have in your kitchen (don't have yeast? No problem, that’s what Irish soda bread is for). Pancakes are another winning idea on a blustery day—they’re easy for your kids to take the lead on and practice their kitchen skills (if you’re curious about how to teach those skills, we have a whole tutorial for you). And if it's snowing outside? Make 3 ingredient snow ice cream, or warm up with some homemade hot cocoa (we like nutty hot chocolate, or pink hot chocolate!).

If you’ve had a chance to prep ahead for your slow food day, now’s the time to experiment with the stews or slow-roasting you’re curious about but haven’t had time for during the weeknight rush. Try this turnip puff, West African-inspired peanut stew or cassoulet (a savoury sausage and white bean stew.) Or, if you want to keep things simple and cosy, you can’t go wrong with our soups and salads

Looking for other ways to keep busy in the kitchen? We’ve got loads of activities to keep kids busy here—and all sorts of school-based ideas as well! (pro tip: cooking just might be the way your kiddo falls in love with math, science or history!) A snowy day is also a perfect chance to curl up in a blanket fort for an indoor picnic, or bake and enjoy a leisurely fika. And if your power goes out? Here are the guidelines for figuring out what’ll keep in your fridge and freezer till the lights come back on.

Do you cook your way through stormy days? What's your family's go-to comfort food when it snows? We’d love to hear your stories: share your photos and recipes with us on our Facebook and Instagram feeds!

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