Simple Bites: A Beautiful Approach to Family Dining

Over the past few months, we’ve been noticing a beautiful website called Simple Bites, a family-oriented community dedicated to all things food and drink. Upon closer look we realized that Simple Bites, like us, is a big advocate of bringing families together around the table. In fact, the voice of this site, Aimee Wimbush-Bourque started Simple Bites as a way to inspire families with her delicious meal ideas and delightful personal anecdotes. Here, we track down Aimee at her home in Montreal. Enjoy this one-on-one with a woman who really does inspire a simpler approach to family meals.

BT: Great to meet you, Aimee. Can you tell us a little about how Simple Bites came to be?

AWB: Simple Bites came across my desk in late 2009 as a very interesting offer from Trish of Simple Mom. She was launching the Simple Living Media network and asked if I would like to be the voice, energy, and workhorse behind the food channel. I had been casually blogging for three years at my personal site, Under the High Chair, with no intention of turning blogging into a profession; it was simply my way of showcasing good eats, favourite recipes, and anecdotes about my young children. But when the offer came to launch Simple Bites, I bought a MacBook and jumped into the world of Search Engine Optimization, affiliate ads, and viral marketing. It’s been a fantastic trip so far!

BT: In your own words, what is Simple Bites all about?

AWB: Simple Bites focuses on seasonal, wholesome fare that is cooked from scratch. I also feature fun Home-Ec-type tutorials on canning and preserving, and dish out organizing and entertaining tips. And of course, I’m a huge advocate for getting kids in the kitchen. I love to round out the corners of cooking to show that food can be an adventure, an experience, a journey or collaboration.

BT: It’s poetic the way you do that! What advice do you have for parents around keeping family meals happening regularly and keeping them fun?

AWB: By gathering ingredients together with your kids (we’ve recently forayed into backyard chickens!), touching the food, talking about it, and watching it take shape under our hands, my boys are learning to appreciate whole foods and the enjoyment of scratch cooking.

I think if families can sit down together for breakfast, lunch or dinner as much as possible, there are plenty of opportunities to try new foods, and be the positive role model for your children around the table.

BT: Can you share a couple of your favorite go-to weekday recipes? Something for the busy parents out there?

AWB: My favourite dishes are the ones that the whole family eats without fuss, as my two small boys have rather selective palates. Lemon & Oregano Roast Chicken, Classic Tourtiere, and Chocolate Chip Chili all fall into that category. We're partial to sweets, especially comforting treats like simple shortbread and classics such as apple pie.

BT: Those all sound fantastic. Can you share some of your favorite sources of inspiration for parenting and meals?

AWB: Good Life Eats and Food for My Family are must-reads for me, just because I can relate so well. Stetted never fails to make me hungry. Both Food in Jars and Dine & Dish are ever inspirational, and Cheri from Kitchen Simplicity is my favourite Canadian expat!

Thank you so much Aimee! We’ll definitely be trying those recipes soon. To our community, Chocolate Chip Chili anyone? Let us know if you give one of these fresh ideas a try and join the conversation with us here

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