School tools: everything you need to make going back to school a snap

Feel like you could use a hand as the school year gets back underway? Never fear, our school tool kit is here to help!

We’ve rounded up our favourite blog posts to make your back-to-school transition a snap: you’ll find mealtime hacks (including snack suggestions to get you through after-school hangry hour); ideas for after-school activities; and all of our popular school posts rounded up in one place. So get ready to enjoy this school year: we’ve got a recipe for good times ahead!

Meal ideas:

Going back to school can make mornings feel like a whirlwind. Here are some fresh strategies for making breakfast in minutes, as well as recipes for breakfasts that will keep your kids energized. And if lunch has you down, we’ve got tutorials on how to re-energize packing school lunches, and hacks for making packing lunch an easy part of your post-dinner routine. As sports get underway, we've got lots of suggestions for after-school snacks that will power kids up through the 3:30 hangry hour and beyond for their activities. And of course, we've always got tons of fall dinner ideas—new ones are being added all the time to our recipe archives!

School tools:

Eating together is an inviting space for learning. Get ready to cook up some confidence in subjects like math, science, history and more...just don't forget to eat your homework at the end!

After-school activities:

Cooking is a great way to unwind together after a long day—in fact, there's some evidence that it helps anxious kids relax and focus. Here's how to keep calm and cook instead of managing after-school meltdowns. Plus, we've got fun kitchen-centric activity ideas for when the weather outside is frightful (for more activity ideas, check out our follow-up post) as well as cooking projects to try together. And if you're looking to upgrade kiddo's cooking skills? Try our popular knife skills for kids tutorial, or our features on getting every age—from toddlers to teens—having fun in the kitchen.  

To celebrate the end of a big week at school, there's nothing better than a family dinner and a movie—here you'll find recipes to cosy up with at the end of the week, plus a round-up of foodie movies.

Got back-to-school hacks you'd like to share, or an autumn meal you swear by? We want to hear about it! Head to our Facebook or Instagram feeds to connect with us or to get inspired with daily recipe and activity ideas.

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