Savour the summer: make a family summer bucket list!

Start your family summer bucket list and you're sure to make some memories together. We share how to throw a star-lit picnic, go berry picking, make ice cream and get inspired, get together and get outside!

Photo credit: Heather Sunderland, CC License 2.0

Summer goes by fast—sure, it’s hard to remember when the days get so long (and the kids get so bored. And hot. And thiiiirsty...), but the season is short. So make the most of it: create a family summer bucket list! To get started, sit down for a meal with your family and ask them what they want to do this summer. Just talking about what experiences belong on your family’s bucket list is a great way to make sure you’ll be building memories into the rest of your summer. To inspire you, we’ve listed our five favourite summer must-do’s below.

1) Have a star-gazing picnic. Every August, we're treated to the Perseids: they’re spectacular annual meteor showers where you might see more than a hundred falling stars an hour. Make a special night-time picnic out of it—let your kids pack a backpack with snacks like popcorn, sandwiches, apples and a thermos of hot chocolate, then get ready to star gaze.  Check out this site for more info on where and when to look. Our friends at also have some great tips for stargazing with little ones (including how to spot the space station). Don't forget to make a wish!

2) Head to a farm: There’s no nicer way to buy local. Try this handy BC farm locator to help you find the nearest U-Pick farm (not to mention other attractions) to you. Make a day of it, and take the family out to pick blueberries, cherries...not to mention everything else BC has to offer in the summer!

3) Make your own frozen treats. Is there anything better than a popsicle on a hot day? Maybe homemade instant ice cream? There’s only one way to find out: make your own, and then do a  family taste test. We’ve rounded up our favourite popsicle recipes, along with our popular instant ice cream recipe for your kitchen testing. Be warned: once your family figures out how easy these treats are to make together, your local ice cream parlour might get a little lonely.

4) Go to a farmer's market! Farmers’ markets are the perfect summer weekend activity. Giving your kids a chance to find out where their food comes from is a great way to get them excited about meals, whether you’re there on an ingredient-finding mission or just to snap photos of you all making fish faces with the fish vendor. And with #Meet My Market on this July, your family could win gift cards to the market (or a weekend getaway in the Okanagan!) Visit the BC Farmer’s Market Association for details and to locate your nearest market.

5) Take a vacation from your stove: even if you love cooking, it’s easy to feel stuck in a routine. Give everyone’s tastebuds a vacation - try these ideas for cooking over a fire when you camp with your kids (bannock is an easy place to start), or stay home and chill out with these summery cold dinner ideas.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our crowd-sourced guide to summer family fun in BC—or, follow us on Facebook or Twitter for daily recipes and inspiration!

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