Ready to eat: our 20 most popular dinner recipes!

Add some flavour to your weeknights with our community's favourite dinner recipes.

Looking for fall family dinner inspiration? We’ve got everything you need right here, from quick and easy family dinners to cooking projects for lazy family weekends. All of these recipes have been either tested or submitted by our community, and they’re sure to warm up any rainy October school night. Here are our 20 most popular (and easy!) family dinner recipes from our Better Together BC community -- and if you’re still feeling hungry after this, don’t forget to check out our recipe archives, where we have hundreds more!

Simple and delicious: 

Falling into a dinner rut, but need to keep your cooking simple after a long day? Each of these recipes takes just a few steps to put together and delivers fantastic flavours. These recipes make great weeknight dinners. And if you’re looking for more fresh ideas to break out of your regular dinner rotation, check out our autumn dinners post

Rainy night autumn favourites:

Ward off the cold with these perfect autumn recipes.  Easy to put together, these recipes can be scaled up or frozen to give your family lunches and dinners for days. And if you’re looking for more soup and salad dinner ideas, we've got plenty more recipes for you.

Comfort food: 

Dinners to fuel you up and satisfy everyone. These recipes can take a little longer to prepare, so save them for a night when you have around an hour to put dinner together.


These recipes are perfect if you have a family that likes to pick and choose what goes on each plate. And while they're quite simple, note that all of these recipes have some assembly required -- so save them for a day when you can do a little prep ahead of time. If your family loves these build-your-own meals, we’ve rounded up even more meal ideas for you here.

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