Our guide to a DIY holiday: cook up a little winter magic with your family!

If you’re looking for holiday ideas that are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face (while going easy on your wallet), we’ve got you covered! Just in time for the winter break, we’ve got lots of ideas for gifts and projects to delight your whole family.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the holiday season when you’re a parent: hands up if you’ve ever felt like you’re doing too much (or not enough!) – with zero time in your day to relax. Cooking is a great way to unwind together. Not only is it great for your brain, it can boost your wellbeing and elevate your mood. Plus, you get a delicious meal to enjoy when you’re done! Food can also help connect you to family during the holidays when you’re feeling far away: check out our blog post on how family recipes can bridge time and space to bring everyone together. (Even over a video call) 

Cooking not only has the power to boost everyone’s well being - it’s also a wonderful way to show friends and family that you care.  Making your own gifts is satisfying and creative: you can make a playdough kit for little ones; useful gifts like homemade spice rubs or teas for grownups; and gifts that grow – like herbs! You’ll find these ideas and more in our DIY gift round-up.  

If you’re looking for gifts that are even easier to make (but are sure to thrill any giftee), try these classics: 

Once you’ve shared some of your homemade gifts, keep on cooking! We’ve got fun kitchen projects for winter break, and delicious recipe ideas to keep everyone cosy. And we've got lots of ideas for getting your winter off to a fun start - try our Pocket Guide to Enjoying Winter

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