Olive you! 7 ways to say I love you in the kitchen this Valentine's

Looking for a meaningful way to celebrate Valentine’s this year? Make something from the heart: we’re sharing our favourite ways to cook up something that really shows you care.

Valentine’s is the perfect time to remind your kids that cooking together is a great way to show your friends and family that you care about them. Here are seven ways to say “I love you” this Valentine’s that all start at the family table!

Try an easy recipe together: Try these easy peasy ideas for cooking some fun up with your child, and don’t forget to browse our recipe archive for more inspiration! After all, a good Valentine’s day recipe doesn’t have to be heart shaped—you just have to actually enjoy cooking it together. 

Make something lovely for your four-footed friends: Know a certain fluffy family member with a cold nose and a warm heart? Make them Valentines they’ll drool over. No pet? No worries: if you’re pet-free, we’ve got a great tutorial on a balcony bird-feeder you can make too!

Give your family what they love—transform a school night into the perfect weekend morning: The best days of the week are lazy weekend mornings. So turn Tuesday night into weekend morning and make this breakfast-for-dinner! With fresh veggies, filling mains, heart-shaped toasts and sweet treats, these recipes are easy to put together—and sure to lighten up a dark winter night.

Tell your friends you love them: invite over your best pals for a casual pizza party. Everyone loves pizza, and it’s easier than you think to put together a pizza party, complete with heart-shaped pizza!  If you want to really see some smiles, pair your pizza with these ideas for a family-friendly movie night!

Make a wish together: An early sunset doesn’t have to leave you in the dark—make some magic for your kid and take them out on a star-gazing date! We’ve got tips on how to throw a winter star-gazing picnic in your backyard (or, if you get rained out, your living room) and recipes that will warm everyone’s hearts and tummies.

Cook up something heartfelt: We have lots of ideas for meaningful gifts you can make for others, from recipe books, to fun DIY gifts, to nourishing dishes you can make for friends who could use a little TLC.
Make something sweet together: It is Valentine’s after all! Try these Valentine’s Linzer Cookies, Coeur à la crème, or frozen fruity yogurt bites. And if your sweet kid has no sweet tooth, we love this layered no-drink “love potion” (aka cool kitchen science experiment!).

Do you have a favourite Valentine’s day family tradition or recipe that we missed? We’d love to hear about it on our Facebook or Instagram feeds! And for more Valentine’s ideas that will make your heart grow at least two sizes (but won’t shrink your bank account), visit our Pinterest boards!

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