New Year's Resolution: Get Your Family Cooking (Here's How!)

New Year's Resolution 2016: get your kids in the kitchen with our helpful toolkit! We've rounded up all the blogs, recipes and inspiration you need to get in the kitchen and cook up a happy new year.

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Deciding to cook more as a family is more than just a nice resolution to kick off the new year: research suggests it’s one of the best ways to improve your family’s overall health and happiness. To get your 2016 started right, check out our tool-kit below: we’re sharing our favourite resources, blogs, cookbooks and, of course, delicious recipe ideas to nourish your family in the new year.

Tool #1: Recipes
Cooking with your kids can be as simple as letting them make their own snack by spreading peanut butter on toast, or as advanced as letting them make the meal for you. (And if you’re not sure where your kids are on that spectrum, we’ve got advice divided by skill level here.) Once you’re ready to cook, take our search engine for a spin and try out recipes contributed by families all over BC, like Persian Rice Pudding (Sholezard); classic Chinese comfort food like Sweet Date Zong Zi; Easy Pizza or Apple-Carrot Salad. Or, check out some of our favourite recipe round-ups: we’ve got hacks for breakfast in a hurry; go-to meals; sharing meals with neighbours; not to mention ideas for getting any family out of a dinner rut.

Tool #2: Fun
To further ignite your kids’ interest in the kitchen, let them experiment when cooking isn’t so high-stakes: try starting a micro-garden together, making a pizza, messing around with science experiments or participating in a baking project: we’ve got lots of ideas to help you spark your child’s curiosity.

Tool #3: Inspiration
If you’re still having trouble picturing how to get started cooking with your kids, we have beginner’s advice for getting your kids in the kitchen here. And, for further reading, there are lots of great cookbooks that explore cooking for little ones! We’ve rounded up our favourites here and recently test-drove a cookbook designed for pre-literate kiddos here. Children’s picture books are full of kitchen inspiration as well—if your kids have ever wondered what the meals in children’s classics might taste like, we’ve got lots of great after-dinner reads and recipes to try.  For further reading (and perfecting skills like how to get kids talking at mealtime), check out some of our favourite blogs below:

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