Meatless Monday ideas: 15 fantastic vegetarian dinner recipes

Fuel up your family with a rainbow of in-season veggies.

Here are 15 favourite summer-friendly recipes from our community that give vegetables a chance to shine, plus tips on how to kickstart veggie love if your family’s a little greens-averse right now.

First, why plant-based entrees? They're good for you, good for the planet, easy on your wallet and fun to cook. And August is the perfect time to fall in love with vegetarian mains—after all, summer veggies are delicious, cheap, and plentiful! If you're looking for a way to plan more veggie-based meals during the week, these recipes are the perfect place to start. 

Tip 1: Taste the rainbow

One of the easiest ways to get everyone interested in vegetables is to sample lots of different tastes and textures. Start with a simple rainbow salad—challenge your kids to find a veggie for each colour of the rainbow when you're shopping, then slice and serve in rows on a cutting board and let everyone help themselves to as many colours as they like. Then, try these colourful ideas from our community: 

Tip 2: Build your own: Building your own version means that you can pick and choose the veggies you really want, and try a little or try a lot!

Tip 3: Fuel up! Making dinner meatless doesn’t mean it can’t be filling. Try these comforting mains: 

Tip 4: Play with your food: 

Giving your kids an opportunity to play around with their food is a great way to get them interested in sampling more. Try salad people, crispy tofu puff skewers, or Lucy and Georgia’s Mashed Potato Volcano! You can also play with food by trying a familiar ingredient in a new way—for example, did you know you can make a cake from tomatoes? Check out our post on tomato season to see more ways you can play with just one in-season ingredient. (Spoiler: Your kids may be disappointed -- or relieved?-- to learn that the cake recipe tastes more like a spiced apple cake than tomato.)

If you’re interested in other activities and cooking projects to help your kids get curious about new foods, check out our post on Expanding Your Food Horizons, and our recent Ask A Dietitian Post.

And if you’re looking for more fun summer recipes, check out our round up of recipes you can cook using just your freezer, and our recipe ideas for campfire cooking. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more activity and recipe ideas! 

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