Making music (and smoothies) with Bobs & Lolo!

We were more than a little excited when BC’s popular music duo Bobs and Lolo enthusiastically agreed to come on board as judges and spokespeople for this year’s Better Together Hands-on Cook-off Contest!

If you’re not familiar, these two have been on the rise to music stardom (especially among young child set) since their debut in 2003. They started out singing shows on the BC Fairies, were nominated for a Juno Award in 2010 and just this week launched their own show on Treehouse. Here we chat with Bobs & Lolo about teaching through singing, caring about the environment and making smoothies. Enjoy!


BT: Tell us how Bobs & Lolo got started and a bit about your career journey from singing at the Aquarium to launching your own show on Treehouse.

B&L: It all started when we met at Girl Guide camp on Vancouver Island! It’s true. We met as kids and ended up reconnecting in high school, over a shared love of music. When we were young, we took piano lessons and sang in choir together and that’s where the roots of our musical collaboration started. Honestly, we never really planned to become children’s musicians. Lorraine (Lolo) took a degree in Human Kinetics and Robyn (Bobs) did a dual degree in both Arts and in Education. One day we were having a conversation about the value of using music as a teaching tool. We thought about what teaching could be in a fun and entertaining environment where kids don’t even know they are learning! That’s where the Bobs & Lolo collaboration really started.  In 2003 we made our debut when an opportunity arose to sing and teach at The BC Children’s Hospital. Then we made our first album. Soon after that we got a contract with the Vancouver Aquarium performing shows every day during Spring Break. This introduced us to the whole world of performing. We’ve since created 10 music videos and just launched our own show on Treehouse TV this week.

BT: What do you think makes a song resonate with a young child?

B&L: Good question. It’s actually quite a process. We start with a theme. Repetition is key for kids. We’ll develop a song with a variety of elements in mind—to make it catchy, entertaining, educational, listener-friendly and sophisticated enough that parents will like it too. As for the thematic process, we like to write about stuff we loved as kids. We also like to focus on conservation and teaching kids to care through positive behavior. For us, this includes everything from healthy eating, to caring about the environment to caring about their friends.

BT: Has cooking and food played a role in your lives personally?

B&L: Definitely. Eating together as a family has always been a big thing for us. Family meals were a central part of both of our family upbringings. The family meal is the best time to catch up with one another around the table. Now, with Lorraine having a small child of her own (22 month old Anisa) she knows it can be super challenging to make those meals happen all the time. So sometimes it’s breakfast together. Our philosophy is that you should do what you can depending on the day, and as long as you're mindful about it, you'll come together often!

BT: Can you share one of your favourite day-to-day recipes?

We love this Super Simple Strawberry-Banana Smoothie. It’s a great snack we turn to often. Enjoy!

Bobs & LoLo's Super Simple Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

* handful of halved strawberries (4-5 whole berries)
* one ripe banana broken into chunks
* three spoonfuls of yogurt (we love french vanilla)
* splash of milk
* handful of crushed ice

Blend! Pour! Enjoy!

N.B. This smoothie is also delicious with the addition of any other miscellaneous fruits and veggies that might be in the fridge. Common add-ins for us include blueberries, kale, spinach and mango!


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We’ll leave you with this fun video Bobs & Lolo made especially for the Hands-on Cook-off

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