Making a Video

Three minutes will go by fast! A little organization will keep your video brief and engaging.

  • Outline the key steps in your story, from the recipe selection to the ingredients you are using, the preparation steps and the final product. Show us these key steps.
  • You will probably not be able to show us everything, but you can use captions or narration to help us understand some of what happens off camera.
  • Set up your ingredients and equipment ahead of time so you don’t waste valuable camera time. You can pre-measure some of your ingredients into small dishes to have them ready.
  • Make sure brands and logos on clothing, equipment, tools and ingredients are not identifiable.
  • Make sure we can see and/or hear the participants interacting.
  • When editing the video, aim for a final time of 2:58 minutes as uploading it on YouTube may add a second or two. This will ensure your video remains in the 3 minute timeline, which will be strictly enforced.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to upload your video so you have enough time to fully upload it before the contest deadline. Submitting your video early will also give you more time to ask friends and family members to vote for you for a chance to win the People’s Choice Award in your category.

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