Make it a Mother's Day to remember: 10 great ways to celebrate that don't involve tea and crumpets!

This Mother's Day, get creative! We've got 10 great kid-friendly ideas to cook up a Mother's Day that's full of fun.

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If flowers and tea are feeling a little tired as a Mother’s Day idea, never fear: today, we’re listing 10 great ways you and your family can celebrate Mother’s Day using what you’ve got in the kitchen (plus a little love and imagination!)

  1. Make her a homemade present she’ll happily use! Chocolate croissants, vanilla body scrub and chocolate dipped strawberries—presents like these are fun to make, and lovely to receive.
  2. Surprise her with a picnic. This can be as simple as making some checkerboard sandwiches and heading to the beach—or you can make a picnic the starting point for an amazing day of treasure-hunting in the park together.
  3. Create a family recipe book that collects meals she’ll love from everyone in your family.  
  4. Cook her brunch! This classic treat never goes out of style, and we’ve got ideas on how your kids can handle almost all the cooking themselves.
  5. Plant the seeds of a kitchen garden together. Plant strawberries for her cereal, or promise her a weekly pizza night this summer (plant thyme, oregano, cherry tomatoes and basil so she’ll have lots of fresh toppings to choose from.) 
  6. Make up an ice cream flavour filled with her favourite ingredients and name it after her.
  7. Make her laugh with a scavenger hunt through the farmer’s market—not only is it a chance to celebrate her with lots of photos, but you can nab her fresh flowers and a tasty treat or three before heading home to make her a meal from your finds. 
  8. Take her on a taste vacation by cooking her a dinner from her favourite destination. For example, if you know she loves Italy, break out a checkered tablecloth and make her dinner that’s delizioso (if you're looking for ideas, browse our recipes section: manicotti and fresh pasta with hazelnut pesto are just two of the family-tested recipes we love. Don’t forget to turn up the musica!
  9. Try making her a memory menu: plan her a day’s worth of meals together that have fond memories associated with them. Whether you’re recreating her favourite childhood breakfast, or the best dinner from her last vacation, it’s the perfect trip down memory lane.
  10. Enjoy an after-dinner read with her while the rest of the family does the dishes—here are some of our favourites!

What are your plans for Mother’s Day? We’ll be posting more ideas on Facebook and we’d love to hear from you there!

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