King Me: how to throw a games night for Father’s Day

Put the fun back in Father’s Day with our tips for a family games night!

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For a truly great Father’s Day, you don’t have to look any further than your own family for some homemade fun. Chances are good that the dad in your life isn’t looking for another tie (or - yawn - a shaving set) to add to his collection, so why not seize the opportunity to make Father’s Day a day to remember? Hosting a family games night is an easy and fun way for everyone to come out a winner - and for Dad to show his playful side! Below, we’ve got some tips for you on making this Father’s Day a winner.

If the weather’s sunny, consider taking your games to the park. These Checkerboard Tuna Sandwiches are a packable snack that are easy for kids to put, they’re adorable. For a fancier meal, your kids can help you assemble this black and red checkerboard pasta, and serve it with a summery side of this clever Rubik’s cube salad. To put it together, just cube melon, watermelon, cucumber and feta and let little ones do the stacking (but if the thought of cubing makes you crumble, try this kid-approved watermelon/feta salad instead) If you’re playing for keeps, we love these snack ideas to keep everyone fuelled up for an extended family game night. And for dessert, it’s a toss-up - Domino brownies are a crowd-pleaser, but these Settlers of Catan cookies will make any geeky dad’s heart leap with joy.

The only rule of Games Night is to pick games that your whole family can have fun playing: so unless you have older, very patient children, you’ll probably have the most success with games that keep the fun short and sweet. Try classic fast-moving parlour games like Charades or Pictionary. For families with preschoolers, Dad will love trying out simple board games like Ravensburger’s 4 First Games or a classic like Snakes and Ladders - anything that’s easy to teach and quick to play through. With older kids, you don’t have to break the bank to find a game that’s challenging and fun - try making a homemade deck of Apples to Apples; or introduce everyone to a new classic like Squabble (a fast version of Scrabble).

And if you’re looking for even more fun, hold your Games Night at the park: you’ll never go wrong with a Father’s Day treasure hunt, or a classic game like frisbee or catch.

Does your family have a favourite recipe or game we didn’t include here? Share your ideas with us in the comments or on our Facebook feed - and happy Father’s Day!

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