Kid-sized fun at the grocery store

Upon visiting the newly opened grocery store in our neighbourhood, my 3 year old daughter was thrilled to discover that they had kid-sized carts for her to push.  She happily trailed behind me to collect all the groceries while we talked about what we would cook for dinner that night.

Every visit since that first one, my daughter happily goes to retrieve her own cart when we arrive.  She loves having a special role while we shop which makes it fun for her and much easier for me because she is less likely to get bored.

On our last visit I noticed her (and her cart) stopped beside a display of pears.  She held one up and said "Mommy, look at this nice pear!  Can we get it?"

This made me smile because not only was she enjoying our little shopping trip, she was picking something healthy as her contribution.  Which made choosing a cookie to share on the walk home seem a-ok  :)

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  • This is a great site. Lovely to see you here:) Have you been to the UBC Apple Fair? You must go this fall. Who knew apples could be so exciting?

    Cherish 14 April 2010, at 8:54 am