I’m fondue you - celebrate Valentine’s with this lazy family brunch!

How to throw a lazy Valentine’s Day brunch your whole family will love.

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Here’s a Valentine’s question for you: what do you love? For us, it’s Saturday mornings.  Saturdays are for lazy breakfasts, for inviting friends over, for making a mess of the kitchen while your kids make you pancakes. And while we confess that some years we’ve dreaded Valentine’s Day (raise your hands if you’ve ever stayed up late to finish 30 Valentine's cards...) this year, it turns out the holiday falls on a Saturday. That’s right: it’s basically the perfect excuse for the best Saturday brunch ever, featuring Valentine’s chocolate and your favourite people. Who wouldn’t fall in love with that? Below, we’ve listed our favourite recipes for a Valentine’s Day brunch your whole family will love.

Getting a fresh start:

This mozzarella and tomato salad is a kid-friendly starter that’s easy to set up the night before. Once you’ve served yourself a plate, you’ll want to find your cookie cutters so that you and your kids can get started on these adorable heart-shaped eggs-in-baskets. After your little one cuts a heart out of the toast, just crack in an egg and cook till it’s set. If your valentines prefer their eggs well-done, cook it on both sides - and if you have an artist in the house, get them to shape some ketchup hearts. Not a fan of eggs? Here’s a great idea for a hearty (heh) breakfast sandwich your kids can make all by themselves—just set out granola, nut butter and apples.

Think pink:

Pink hot chocolate is a huge crowd pleaser on Valentine's or any other day - try this special  white chocolate recipe; or just make your usual hot chocolate and add a little red food colouring or strawberry sauce to the whipped cream. For a refreshing drink, we love this recipe for making pink smoothies, especially because it has some great tips on how your preschooler can help whip these up.

Sweets for your sweeties:

Once you have your cooking crew fuelled up, it’s time to try these recipes together. These heart-shaped cinnamon rolls are a nice twist on the original, and these hugs n’ kisses pancakes will give everyone a chance to mix and measure before shaping the pancakes on the grill. If you’re craving chocolate for Valentine’s, you can’t go wrong with chocolate-dipped strawberries - just melt chocolate chips in your microwave, dip berries into the resulting fondue, then see if you can manage to let them cool before eating. This is a great one for the kids to make. 

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