I love you berry much: take your kids berrying this summer!

As berry season warms up in BC, it’s easy to believe your kids are part baby bear. Blackberries, raspberries and salmonberries grow in abundance everywhere in BC during the summer, and as all kids know: berries taste even sweeter when you’ve picked them yourself! This month, we’re taking you berry picking with the family, and sharing some tasty recipes for post-pick feasting.

Photo credit: Pixabay (CC0 Public Domain)

If you’ve never taken your little ones berry picking before, consider starting with a U-Pick Farm. These family-friendly farms often have more than one kind of berry to choose from, and places to eat and play besides! Many of BC’s berry crops are farmed—think blueberries, boysenberries, gooseberries, saskatoons, strawberries—and of course, raspberries and blackberries. Don’t forget to bring plenty of sun protection and water—berrying is thirsty (and sunny!) work. 

If your little bears are up for a ramble once you’ve primed your berrying skills, you’ll find blackberries, raspberries, salal, huckleberries, thimbleberries and salmonberries growing wild all throughout BC. Go with a friend who knows the terrain and what’s safe to pick; and be sure to get local advice about where the best bushes are. 

Once you’ve hauled your berries home—that is, if you manage not to eat them all on en route—it’s time to get everyone in the kitchen. Beginners will love this Blackberry Jam, or this tasty cream cheese berry dip.  This compote is a delicious way to amp up breakfast. and this berry arugula salad with tumeric orange vinaigrette will lend some zing to your dinner table.  Of course, pie is a classic berry vehicle: try this strawberry, raspberry and rhubarb pie or Sophie’s berry picker pie! Plus, we love this eggless strawberry shortcake recipe. Still got berries left over? Put the taste of summer on ice: wash and dry your berries carefully, then freeze on a cookie sheet for 24 hours before transferring them to a re-seable container or bag. You’ll have smoothie makings all winter long!

Where are your favourite places to take your family berrying in BC? And what’s your favourite use for berries? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook Page!

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