Hoppy spring! Ring in the spring with recipes and celebrations from around the world

How does your family celebrate spring? Do they paint eggs, made a haft-seen or get outside to admire the cherry blossoms? There are lots of incredible ways to celebrate the season, so put some green on your family menu and read on!

Do you celebrate Nowruz? This Persian New Year festival celebrates the vernal equinox—that’s the time when we get equal amounts of day and night...and then the days start getting longer! This springtime holiday lasts 13 days, and involves cleaning house, enjoying delicious foods—and best of all, a relaxing picnic. Plan a green menu, learn to make a kuku omelet and put together a beautiful haft-seen for everyone to enjoy. Find out more about the holiday’s history, and enjoy more delicious recipes here!

If your family's cleaning house for Hag Ha’Aviv, you know that spring is here. Meaning "Holiday of Spring", this alternate name for Passover or Pesach speaks to the agricultural significance of the holiday, marking the beginning of the harvest season and the first of three Jewish festivals in each year with both historical and agricultural ties. Passover was the traditional time to harvest barley, with wheat following at the next harvest holiday, Shavuot, and the autumn harvest at Sukkot. To learn more about all the special foods and food traditions associated with Passover (like fragrant charoset or apple-matzoh kugel), check out the charming picture book Matzoh Ball Moon—there's a even a special recipe for making your own matzoh ball soup at the end!

There are lots of different ways to celebrate Easter, whether you want to experiment with dying eggs using ingredients you can find in your kitchen, or starting a micro-garden and eating like a bunny. And around the world, Easter has lots of delicious foods associated with it—try your hand at Italian Easter bread, British hot cross buns or Polish white sausage soup to get a taste of the range of treats you can try for this holiday.

Throughout BC, you’ll find cherry blossom or sakura festivals—the largest one is in Vancouver, but you can celebrate wherever you are! Pack a picnic (we’ve got tips for picnic feasts at your local beach or park) and admire the rosy blossoms together. Of course, Mother’s Day is another amazing way to celebrate the spring—we’ve got lots of ideas for presents kids can cook up themselves in the kitchen, including taking Mom on a delicious taste vacation.  And May Day is another delicious excuse to gather flowers and enjoy a picnic in the sunshine—to really celebrate in style, read up on traditional outdoor May Day dances here.

Our favourite way to celebrate? Enjoying springtime greens! Here’s how to start an outdoor kitchen garden (or an indoor one, if you’re an apartment-dweller)—then, head to a farmer’s market for a real taste of spring. Challenge your kids to see if they can recognize asparagus, fiddleheads, radishes or spring salmon! For kiddos who are new to asparagus or spring greens, we’ve got tips for trying new foods here—and some tasty recipes they can make here! Round off your springtime celebration with this collection of recipes—and maybe these “Hello Flower” cupcakes for a sweet floral finish.

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