Hello harvest: exploring autumn food traditions with your child

There are so many ways to celebrate the harvest—today, we're talking about how to try a taste of autumn with your family, and where to join in fall festivals across BC.

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The word “harvest” comes from an Old English word meaning “autumn”—and right now it's the season for harvest festivals across BC! Exploring harvest festival traditions with your child is a delicious way to enjoy a taste of fall together.

What's the best way to get outside together and celebrate the harvest?

  • Head to a farmer’s market together to pick up some in-season foods! This is the right time of year to try foods your kid might be a bit unfamiliar with—whether that’s trying out how roasted pumpkin seeds taste, or slicing open a fresh red pomegranate together. Pumpkin patches and apple orchards are hopping this time of year, and they're a fun way for city kids to find out where some of their favourite fruits and veggies come from.   

  • Cook with friends and family. Marking the harvest with dinner or a festival brings people together to celebrate the end of the growing season (plus, you get to taste-test all the delicious food that’s stored up for winter!).  This is a brilliant chance to break out your family’s favourite recipes, share new ones with friends and create some taste memories together.

  • Check out local autumn festivals as a family! Below, we’ve rounded up our favourite seasonal celebrations of autumn—but communities in BC also throw their own Fall Fairs and fests as a way to celebrate the season together. What's happening in your community?


A German tradition, this fall celebration is a chance to try good food and fun tunes together—whether you celebrate with your town, or at home. Here’s how to oom-pah it up.


This year the festival of lights is happening on October 30th (right before Halloween—get ready for a sweet couple of days!) Here are some of our favourite recipes.


The spookiest autumn celebration of all, Halloween’s also a chance to try all sorts of tasty recipes before you head out trick-or-treating. We’ve got ideas for pre-trick-or-treat meals, Halloween themed snacks and all things pumpkin.

What are your favourite ways to celebrate autumn and the harvest together? Join us on Instagram where we're sharing some of our favourite recipes, or head over to our Facebook Page for more fun fall ideas!

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