Happy campers: get cooking in the great outdoors!

Attention campers! Late summer is the perfect time to get your family into the great outdoors—and campfire cooking is a great way to get your kids interested in new ways of getting a meal on the (picnic) table.

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Camp cooking has a lot to offer even the choosiest of kids: it involves food on sticks (which is always a hit), it’s easy to prepare, and there’s something about playing outdoors all day that really drums up an appetite. So this summer, teach your kids some campfire cooking skills! Below, we’re sharing the basics of camp cooking, from how to prep to what to grill. 

When you’re getting ready to camp, meal planning is a must. Will you want to cook three hot meals a day, or aim for just one hot meal at night? Whatever your plans, we love this guide on how to pack a camp cooler partly because it breaks down exactly how to load your cooler for easy meal retrieval (you want to put your last meal at the bottom, and your first meal at the top) as well as providing tips for keeping your food cold for as long as possible.

Don’t forget your cooking implements! Some things—like a good knife, and a light pot for heating food—are probably non-negotiable for your family—but one of the best things about camp cooking is improvising new ways to keep your load light. For example, instead of toting a bowl, sturdy resealable plastic bags are great for mixing up batters: just pour water into the dry ingredients in your bag, seal the bag, and squish to combine. 

Once you’ve managed your meal prep, learn how to build a campfire you can cook on with this handy guide—and don’t forget to brush up on some of BC’s guidelines for safe campfires while you’re at it.

Now that you’ve warmed up your campfire cooking skills,  it’s time to get cooking. If your kids are novice campfire chefs, get them started with a classic recipe like bannock (we love this demo video!). Then, level up with these gorgeous roasted fruit recipes from Simple Bites or try this diverse round-up of campfire recipe ideas for inspiration (including fish tacos, muffins and quiche!). 

And if you end up rained out at home? Don’t worry, these fireless s’mores are a sweet way to enjoy a taste of the great outdoors at home while you plan your next camping trip together. 

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