Giveaway: What's your holiday breakfast tradition? Tell us and you could win a waffle maker!


It's the toastiest time of the year: share your family holiday breakfast tradition with us in the comments, and you could win a Cuisinart classic round waffle maker!

Mid-winter breakfasts are maybe the cosiest of choices you get to make during the holidays: there’s room at the table for everyone’s tastes, and as mornings stretch out into candlelit afternoons, there’s time to linger together. And holiday meals can be special for so many reasons: it’s a chance to break out your favourite recipes from your childhood, mix traditions with your family and friends, and enjoy cooking and sharing a meal. Plus, with every bite you’re creating new taste memories for your kids that last a lifetime.

Today, we’re sharing some of our favourite holiday breakfasts with you—and at the end of this article, there’s a chance to win your very own Cuisinart Classic Round Waffle Maker—the perfect addition to your holiday family breakfast! The thing that’s so satisfying about a waffle maker is how versatile it is when you have loads of people to feed: sure, it can make you waffles, but you can also use it to make paninis, puffles (think waffles made from puffed pastry and filled with chocolate), frittata (fritaffle) and even falafel (falaffle! OK, we’ll stop).

Here are our favourite holiday breakfast ideas to get you inspired:

To enter our giveaway, simply share your holiday breakfast traditions with us! Leave a comment on this blog post or leave a comment over on our Facebook/Instagram feeds. (You can leave one comment per feed - so a comment on this blog post, Facebook and Instagram equal 3 chances to win!) Once you’ve commented, you’ll be entered in our draw to win a Cuisinart Classic Round Waffle Maker—just in time for the holidays! We'll be drawing one name on Friday, Dec 8, 2017. We can’t wait to see what you all are whipping up.

While you wait to see if you’re our lucky winner, check out these posts on how you can share some holiday warmth from your family kitchen:

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  • We love having a homemade pancake/waffle bar with all the fixings.

    Kerry 23 November 2017, at 10:46 am

  • We love making a big traditional breakfast on Christmas Day, which includes: pancakes with either frozen blueberries (BC fresh frozen in our freezer) and chocolate chips, hashbrowns (which my hubby tells our son (age 4) are from Mcdonalds ;) so he will eat them, crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, sausages, and Rice Krispies plus yogurt for my kids (especially my daughter who is a huge Rice crispies fan (age 2.5). I have a glass of eggnog while my hubby enjoys his coffee as well. It's such a magical time of the year, especially for our kids. Thanks for the chance to use a terrific kitchen appliance that would add to our holiday breakfast and all year long, twitter/insta fan@plumerea

    Harjit 23 November 2017, at 2:40 pm

  • I’ve been making a Christmas morning breakfast strata casserole for years that includes eggs, prosciutto, leeks and Gruyere cheese. I serve it with a crusty baguette and hot coffee and it’s all we need until it’s turkey time.

    Helene Keuker 23 November 2017, at 8:13 pm

  • For years we had Christmas Morning Wifesaver casserole and fruit salad on Christmas morning! But I’m pretty sure that waffles with whipped cream, berries, AND syrup would be just as delicious!

    Jo-Ann Stuart 25 November 2017, at 12:37 am

  • My girls and I love designing and baking our own gingerbread houses! It makes it extra fun when they can choose what they want their houses to look like and take part in making them come to life assembling and decorating them. I definitely plan on continuing this tradition as long as I possibly can :D

    Jennifer 26 November 2017, at 2:36 pm

  • We love waking up and enjoying a cup of coffee for the adults and hot cocoa for the kids. After we enjoy our yummy drinks we make home made blueberry pancakes with home made maple butter. It's delicious and I love making memories in the kitchen as a family ♡

    Jennifer 26 November 2017, at 2:40 pm

  • Christmas breakfast of bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns and pancakes

    Tina L. 28 November 2017, at 10:52 am

  • Holiday tradition. We live a fondue on Christmas Eve.

    Melissa Black 29 November 2017, at 10:52 pm

  • Love going for breaky at the local family diner after early morning hockey practice! *•.¸♡ Thank you for the great contest Better Together! ♡¸.•*

    Melissa Black 3 December 2017, at 11:31 am

  • Funnily enough, our tradition IS waffles, with real maple syrup and butter and berries served on the side (but ending up on top).

    Pat Battles 3 December 2017, at 11:36 am

  • My favourite holiday breakfast is baked puffy apple pancakes. My kids go crazy for them!

    Elana 4 December 2017, at 5:36 pm

  • We change up our Christmas morning tradition depending on what we feel like that year. Sometimes it’s coffee, tea, And something sweet, and sometimes we have eggs and bacon and toast and hashbrowns!

    Elizabeth Bryan 4 December 2017, at 5:38 pm

  • I always cook Christmas morning breakfast for the family with the help of my brother. When we were in elementary school, we used to "lock" our parents upstairs until we finished cooking. Soft boiled eggs with toast and fruit was the extent of our culinary repertoire up until high school. We'd set the table with flowers, Christmas cards, and formal setting and guide our blindfolded parents downstairs to eat. Now breakfast is more elaborate with homemade cinnamon buns and tofu scramble but the Christmas morning tradition continues just the same.

    Rachel Leung 4 December 2017, at 6:20 pm

  • Love to make quiche and waffles.

    Elle 4 December 2017, at 7:37 pm

  • French toast & a pot of French press!

    Eileen 4 December 2017, at 7:50 pm

  • Love to make a breakfast strata for Christmas morning. Just pop in the oven and bake. This year's dish has chorizo and kale in it.

    Kim Pike 4 December 2017, at 10:14 pm

  • Our family’s Christmas morning breakfast tradition has been the same for over fifty years. We serve wifesaver (a ham/cheese/bread strata soaked overnight with an egg mix. Top with cereal and melted butter in the morning, pop it in the oven for an hour and, voila: breakfast! This is served with frozen dinner roll quick cinnamon buns because no one’s afraid of carbs in my family!

    Susan Goldie 5 December 2017, at 12:13 am

  • Every Christmas morn, ever since we have been married, 35 yrs, my husband makes his one and only breakfast of the year. All it is is fried soft eggs, bacon, toast and (it may sound gross, but it is not) one can of whole mushrooms, thickened with a bit of corn starch, he spoons that over the soft fried eggs, and honestly it is Christmas to us, his mother made that every Christmas morning for him and his siblings and it is really delicious!

    Wendy Westgate 5 December 2017, at 9:00 am

  • We have a delectable pancake and waffle bar with every fixing you can think of!

    Linda 5 December 2017, at 10:00 am

  • Our tradition is either cinnamon buns or French toast on Christmas morning but if I had a waffle maker It would be waffles!!

    Linda Schmidt 5 December 2017, at 4:50 pm

  • Going to a french brunch place with my sister on New years day for a yummy lunch!

    Shaina D'Souza 9 January 2018, at 8:22 am