Fun DIY (Kitchen-themed) Gifts for Father’s Day

Fun DIY (Kitchen-themed) Gifts for Father’s Day

Hopefully it won’t surprise you to know that Father’s Day is coming up Sunday, June 16th. In the spirit of our favourite do-it-yourself dads, we’ve put together a list of what we feel are pretty much the cutest home made gift ideas ever. Of course, in keeping with our love of kitchen togetherness, these are all kitchen or food themed. Enjoy… and let us know if you decide to help your kids make one of these gifts for dad or if you have another great idea to share. We’ll be chatting more on FB so come and find us here!

1. A Personalized Apron for Dad

Every time dad wears this apron, he’ll be reminded of the love that went into making it and, hopefully, his love of cooking for your family! Bonus: it’s easy and inexpensive to make.

To make dad a personalized apron: Buy a plain apron and some fabric paints or pens. You can find these at craft stores. Next, do a little brainstorming to plan what you want your finished product to look like. And make sure to give yourself enough time for the cloth to dry before you wrap it up. (We found this fun craft described on Foodie Tots and Her Daily).

2. Homemade BBQ Sauce

For the BBQ-lovers out there (and which dad isn’t?) this homemade gift is guaranteed to be a home-run. Making BBQ sauce is an easy and fun way to teach your children about making something a bit out of the ordinary while getting excited about surprising dad. For recipe ideas, we found this helpful blog which outlines the process with some super cute photos. And here’s a great BBQ sauce recipe from BC celeb chef Rob Feenie. If you want to go the extra mile, package your sauce in a jar or used bottle and wrap a bow around the neck in Dad’s favourite colour. Or make up a custom label and apply to the glass using mod podge, so it looks something like this.

BBQ Sauce by The Kitch


2. DIY Chocolate Bars

For the sweet tooth Dads, we love the idea of making him personalized,  homemade chocolate bars. Here we found a great blog by David Lebovitz detailing how to make chocolate bars at home using basic ingredients and amateur chocolate molds. The best part of this gift is customizing the bar with Dad’s favourite dried fruits, nuts, or other flavours. It's all about the packaging. We came across this site that shows you how to print out custom wrappers but you could easily just make something similar at home using regular printer paper. 

Printable chocolate bar wrappers

Photo Credits:

Apron making: Foodie Tots

BBQ Sauce: The

Chocolate bar wrappers: The Idea Room.

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