Free school-at-home learning tools - over 40 lessons you can teach right in your own kitchen!

Looking for creative ways to engage your kids in school at home? Your kitchen can be a wonderful classroom for learning all kinds of school subjects. Get ready to cook up some confidence in subjects like math, science, history and more...just don't forget to eat your homework at the end!

Art History: There’s an art to cooking, and as it turns out cooking plays a big role in art too! Explore paintings from Pompeii to the present day, along with fun food activities. 

Astronomy: Got a kid who loves learning about space? Take them on a journey to the stars right from your living room, thanks to the International Space Station's live feeds. Or, head to your backyard! We've got everything you need to spot the stars and planets, plus enjoy an out-of-this-world star-gazing picnic.

Biology: Grow your kiddo’s interest in science by growing something you can all eat! Check out our tutorials on how to start your own micro-garden, vegetable garden, or indoor kitchen garden. Test your knowledge of food science fact and fiction with our myth-busting quiz. And check out this post for tasty experiments with microbiology and yeast—aka yogurt and pizza dough!

Chemistry and Physics: How do you tweak your chocolate chip cookies to be exactly to your taste? Can you walk on eggs? We’ve got fun introductions to chemistry and physics through experiments you can eat, and you’ll love sampling your results.

Cooking: Not every kid is lucky enough to learn this in school...but you sure can help them learn this at home! Start with basic knife skills. Then, use these ideas to teach your preschooler, elementary or high school student how to cook.  Finally, teach your family how to have dinner! We've also got ideas for meal-planning and managing leftovers, so you can learn along with your kids. 

English: Looking for ways to savour reading together? Try this round-up of our favourite after-dinner reads and recipes. Sci-fi fans can get inspired by our post on the facts and fictions for the future of food. For kids who prefer fantasy books, try these magical recipes inspired by children’s books, along with recipes inspired by fairy-tales. And if you have a kid who loves graphic novels, you’ll love our guide to comics where food and recipes play a starring role. 

Geography: Explore the world from the comfort of your kitchen with these tasty geography activities. Then, see if you’re able to recognize these popular ingredients in their natural environments around the world!

History: What did Romans eat? How far back in time can we cook? Learn about historical rhyming recipes, family recipes and how to eat like your historical heroes. Sometimes, the foods we think we know well turn out to have surprisingly well-travelled histories. Learn about the history of cake, history of lemonade, and the history of children’s food! Then, meet 10 extraordinary Canadian women from history as we host an imaginary dinner for them. Finally, can you guess which popular foods were mistake?

Math: Sharpen your kid’s math skills through cooking—we've got recipes to help with measurement, volumes and patterns.

Poetry: We’ve got great food poems, and recipes that are more than just food for the soul. 

Social Studies: A meal can give you your first taste of a different culture, or inspire you to learn more about your own. Learn about first foods from around the world and how food can connect you to your heritage. We’ve got great reads on outdoor cooking as well as cool treats from around the world—and lots of recipe inspiration for autumn harvest traditions. Food is also a wonderful way to learn about other religious and cultural traditions: read up on Setsubun, Diwali, Halloween, Holi, The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, Oktoberfest, and Thanksgiving.

Zoology: Do you eat like an animal? Find out more about what British Columbia’s animals eat with these recipes. 

World languages: Cooking is an amazing way to learn about how ingredients and techniques travel to us from around the world. Bon appétit!

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