Five Recipes: snacks everyone will love

Our Five Recipes mini-blogs highlight five recipes from the archives on a theme. Is your snack routine getting a little ho-hum? Perk it up with our snack recipes!

It’s easy to reach for the same old snacks when you’re in a rush. But here’s some food for thought about snacks—they’re actually an important way for kids to fuel up their brains and bodies during a busy day! These 5 snack recipes are fresh, satisfying, and are fun for your kids to put together themselves. 

1. Rainbow parfait: Just put the ingredients out with an empty glass, and let your kids enjoy choosing and spooning their own layers.  

2. Nuts and bolts: This is such a classic snack, and it’s shockingly easy to shake up at home. 

3. Warm cinnamon apples: This recipe is an inspired use of your microwave and it smells amazing. 

4. Energy balls: These sweet bite-sized snacks are ready in a flash.  

5. Bobs and Lolo’s Super Simple Strawberry and Banana Smoothie: Smoothies are filling, fast, tasty, and a fantastic post-sports recovery drink. But the thing that will probably get your kids most excited about this one is that it’s a chance to push the buttons on your blender and make some noise!

If your kiddo’s on the go, check out our post about great snack ideas for kids headed to sports practice—these portable snacks will fuel them up fast. Hungry for more ideas? Search the “snack” tag in our recipe archives - or join us on Facebook and Instagram to see more recipe and activity ideas!

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