Five recipes: here's how to make school a snap!

Ready or not, we're back in the swing of school! We’ve rounded up everything you need to make this school year a breeze.

Our Five Recipes mini-blogs highlight 5 recipes from our archives on a theme. This month is a little different, because we know that families can always use more support as they settle into the school schedule! So instead of five recipes, we’ve got our five favourite articles to help your family through even on the busiest weeks:

1. Breakfasts on the run: We’ve even broken them down by prep time, depending on how much time you have to grab and go!

2. Lunchbox hacks: So you’re never stuck for lunch ideas again. 

3. Our 20 most popular dinner recipes: To make school nights easier.

4. How to fuel kids up for after-school sports: What to pack so they’re ready for practice.

5. How to use your kitchen to boost after-school learning: Our fun guides will help kids brush up every school subject, including math, history, chemistry, astronomy and zoology --- and don’t forget to eat your homework afterwards!

Don’t forget, one easy way to boost everyone’s well-being when things get busy is to make time to enjoy your meals together. (For other ways family meals can change your life for the better, check out this post). Studies show that cooking and eating together can help reduce stress and boost your happiness and good health: here’s some of the science about how that works! For more ideas and inspiration, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram

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