Five incredible ways to show Dad some love from the kitchen this Father's day.

Ready to celebrate the fathers in your life? We’ve got five simple ideas that will help you get cooking and shake up your Father’s Day celebrations.

Taking the time to do something special for Father’s Day (on June 16th) is a lovely way to nourish your relationship, and cook up something wonderful together. If you’re looking to shake up your Father’s Day celebrations a little, check out our five ideas below to make it a Father’s Day to remember! All you need is a kitchen and a little creativity: 

  1. Make him a present he’ll love (and actually use)! Check out these easy present ideas that you can cook right up in your own kitchen. If the Dad in your life prefers experiences as presents, browse these fun kitchen challenges and Father-Kid cooking projects, then pick one to try together. Or, head straight to our kitchen science experiment round-up and let Dad be a kid again as you explore chocolate chip cookie chemistry (don’t forget to name any cookie discoveries you make after him!) 
  2. While you prep your recipe, play him a song list that celebrates how awesome he is! Music can really get you in the mood to cook. Throw on some of these amazing dad-themed tunes as you get cooking, or use it as inspiration for your own family cooking music playlist. 
  3. For a father that loves sci-fi, take him on a trip to the future of food with these recipes  - and if he’s a history buff, take him on a journey through the surprising history of cake. 
  4. Invent a recipe and name it after him. It doesn’t have to be fancy: if he loves pancakes, start with that, and then try to find ways to incorporate his favourite ingredients to make a recipe that celebrates him. Stuck for inspiration? Browse our recipe archives to get started!
  5. Celebrate him in style! Try taking him on a backyard treasure hunt, or invite over a few other families for a games night. For a dad that loves to explore, take him on a food adventure. If it’s rainy, bust out the popcorn and these recipes for a foodie movie night; or get cosy with fika (that’s Swedish for casual tea-time fun!). There are so many different ways to gather over a meal to celebrate the dads in your life. 

If you’re looking for even more ideas to get into the kitchen together, head to our Facebook and Instagram feeds! We’ve got fresh meal ideas and sweet stories of dads and kids enjoying time in the kitchen together. Or, for more Father’s Day ideas, we’ve got a whole board of inspiration prepped for you on Pinterest. Whatever you choose for Father’s Day, we’re wishing you a sweet celebration together. 

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