Five Father-Kid Cooking Projects You'll Love For Father's Day!

Looking for a fresh idea for Father’s Day? Check out these 5 great father-kid cooking projects for all ages! Plus, we’ve rounded up our most popular DIY posts to inspire your family to get beyond neck-ties...and nourish Dad’s passion for cooking and fun instead.

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If you’re looking for a Father’s Day to remember, we’re full of ideas here on how to throw Dad a games night he’ll love—complete with amazing snacks (Settlers of Catan cookies, anyone?) and game ideas. For a day out on the town, you can’t beat a treasure hunt in the park, and a picnic to boot. But if you’re looking for a low-key way to celebrate this year, there’s no better way to treat Dad than by making some new memories in the kitchen together. Our Recipe Archives are full of amazing father-kid submissions, and we’ve picked our top five for a tasty Father’s Day menu. 

These omelets from Tristan, Simon and Elliot are a great way to kick off Father's Day together. And for families who prefer a sweeter start, these Crêpes à la Daniel and Nicholas are perfect (and we love that when Nicholas drops some eggshell in the batter, Daniel cracks that they’re going to be “crispy” crêpes). For folks celebrating Father’s Day with a later meal, Thomas’ Fresh Pasta with Kale and Hazelnut Pesto will have you drooling—and we promise that even though this dish sounds fancy, your kid can definitely make this with you (after all, there’s a video to prove it!). Father’s Day includes uncles too, and little kids especially will love making this aunt and uncle's take on a Mashed Potato Volcano with you. Special mention goes to super-dad Ben, who's made a family tradition out of submitting recipes with his daughter Lila—looking through their projects together, you can watch her grow up, recipe by recipe. Their Salt-Encrusted Rainbow Trout makes a delicious dinner that’s super fun for kids to get their hands on, and their Spot Prawn Pasta is the perfect seasonal evening dish. Lila’s Rhubarb Jewel Cake is an easy dessert to prep for any family celebration—but our favourite from this father-daughter duo is hands-down one of the first cooking videos they ever submitted: Lila’s Cinnamon Caramelized Gnocchi. Partly because these gnocchi make a lovely and unexpected end to any meal, and partly because Lila’s attempts to pronounce the name of the recipe are absolutely delicious. 

If you’re looking for more Father’s Day inspiration, head to our Pinterest boards, or join us on Facebook! And, if your favourite father-kid project got missed, it’s easy to submit a recipe to our archives—head here to get started!

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