Five fantastic Mother's Day cooking projects

Looking for a gift the kids can take the lead on for Mother's Day? Cooking a meal together replenishes everyone—and it's a simple way to celebrate the mothers in your life on Mother's Day.

Cooking a meal for someone you love is one of the most fundamental ways we show we care for each other. This Mother’s Day, you don’t have to fuss with flowers or chocolates—if you can take the time to cook and enjoy a meal together, that’s an act that can nourish everyone in your family. With that in mind, here are some of our favourite family cooking project ideas, perfect for celebrating Mother’s Day:
#1)Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse for an indulgent brunch! We’ve got lots of ideas geared at letting kids do the bulk of the cooking for this one. Or, take a cue from our Valentine's Day brunch to get your family inspired to cook something heartfelt together.

#2) Make a recipe together in honour of a mother in your family. For a Mother’s Day potluck, consider asking your guests to bring a dish that honours a mother in their life.

#3) If you’re hungry to get outside to celebrate, here are 10 more great ways to celebrate Mother’s Day that don’t involve tea and crumpets.

#4) Also, Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate all the kinds of mothers in our lives! If you’re spending Mother’s Day with a grandmother, enjoy recipes like Oma’s Fruit Dumplings and Grandma’s Marshmallow Salad as inspiration for a grandma/kid cooking project. Lots of the recipes you’ll find on our site are also thanks to aunties—get inspired by these Delicious and Healthy Gluten Free Brownies (attributed to an Aunt Elena) along with Aunty Lynne’s Famous Cheese Biscuits.

#5) If you’re a mom, this is a good day for your kids to learn how to make you your favourite meal, or for you and the kids to try to recreate a beloved family recipe of yours together. To get everyone started, here are some of our favourite mother-kid team-ups from our recipes section!

While you’re cooking up something beautiful together, don’t forget: the Hands-on Cook-off is running until May 16th this year. Why not share your Mother’s Day cooking project with the community? Details on prizes, celebrity judges and how to enter can all be found here as well as on our contest page.

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