Family day: 5 easy activities to try together!

There’s no better way to celebrate Family Day than by getting into the kitchen together!

You don’t have to have a big budget to make your Family Day a fun one - you just need your kitchen and some enthusiastic helpers! Cooking and eating together is an important source of well-being for families, and we’ve got lots of ideas to get everyone in your family cooking together. Making a meal as a family is a wonderful way to make some sweet memories.

If you’re hesitant about getting your kids into the kitchen with you, check out our guide on How To Set Up Your Kitchen To Cook With Your Kids (pro-tip - a wet dishcloth under the mixing bowl will anchor it in place and save little ones a lot of frustration when they’re mixing). Once your kitchen’s prepped, check out our post on How To Cook With Your Kid so that you’re feeling confident right from the start. Then, get ready for family fun! Here are five easy activities to try together: 

1. Kitchen science: If your little ones have an appetite for science, try some of our easy to make (and easy to eat) activities

2. Tricks and toys: Make a little magic together with these easy kitchen-based tricks and toys. Whip up a tornado in a jar, smash a graham cracker continent, or shake up some instant ice cream with a little kitchen science!

3. Try a taste of history: Want to time travel? There’s no better way to get a taste of history than by trying out historical recipes. Learn about the surprising history of cake and lemonade, or go much further back in time to recreate an ancient meal

4. Make like a baking show: Get a little fancy, and celebrate Family Day with a special cake! We’ve got a searchable recipe archive full of delicious cakes you can bake up together, plus easy decorating ideas your kids will love. 

5. Don’t forget your furry family members: We’ve got lots of suggestions for helping your furry family members feel loved, from recipes for dog and cat treats, to snacks for the birds outside your window.

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