Fall fun: recipes to make autumn days extra fun together

Bring some fun to your fall with autumn food traditions from around the world and harvest cooking projects. Then, get ready to make some magic—just in time for Halloween, we’ve got enchanted recipes from children’s books for you to try!

Did you know the word “harvest” comes from an Old English word meaning “autumn”? Perk up your appetite by reading about autumn food traditions around the world with your child, and celebrate the harvest together by heading to a local farmers’ market! Our friends at We Heart Local BC have lots of advice for choosing and cooking the best fall veggies, and we’ve got 20 great ideas for turning your produce into a perfectly delicious fall dinner together

For folks who celebrate Thanksgiving, we’ve got some suggestions for how to cultivate gratitude as you gather ‘round the table together -- and ideas on how your family’s cooking can support others in your community. And if Halloween is feeling tricky this year, check out our 5 fantastic ways to celebrate Halloween at home with your family!

While your dinner simmers, enjoy an activity together. We’ve got 10 easy pumpkin projects for you and your family to enjoy—everything from toddler-friendly recipes to free pumpkin carving templates. Or, try your hand at family pie making! And don’t let a little rain and cold keep you from fun: here’s how to hold a family movie night to remember. If a real storm blows in, don’t forget these tips to stay cosy and have fun, even if your power goes out. 

Autumn can feel a bit spooky and magical and the days get darker, so cosy up with a good read and enjoy it! There’s more than one kind of magic that happens when you get in the kitchen with your family. Have you ever wondered what Butterbeer from Harry Potter tastes like? Or Turkish Delight from Narnia? What about the magic dango dumplings from Momotaro the Peach Boy, or pancakes from Hansel and Gretel? We’ve rounded up our favourite enchanted food from fairy tales and children’s books for you to taste-test with your kiddo—but you might just find the real magic is cooking together. 

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