Lunchbox Hacks (and enter our Twice as Nice-themed Back-to-School GIVEAWAY!!)

Our contest is now closed, but you can still feel like a winner with these back-to-school lunch hacks.

As school starts, getting your lunch-making groove back can feel like a chore - especially as the days get shorter, and after-school activities make the evenings busier. Simplify your meal prep by making things twice as nice: make dinners that turn into great next-day lunches and nab some bonding time with your kid in the kitchen to boot. 

To help you feel the lunch-making magic, we’re giving away our two new favourite lunch accessories (Note: This contest is now closed - congratulations to our winners, and keep checking our Facebook and Instagram feeds for new contests to enter!) To enter our giveaway, here’s all you have to do: find 10 minutes after dinner to pack lunch with your kid, and snap a photo of the two of you.  Tag us on Instagram or Facebook with @bettertogetherbc and the hashtag #twiceasniceBC. Not only will you be entered to win our giveaway, you'll have a photo that's sure to make you smile. 

And the prize? Our new favourite lunch-packing accessories: This awesome three-piece stackable stainless steel bento, designed to keep food warm, separated and appetizing AND a GoStak, a super handy four piece container with handy twist-and-lock compartmentalized containers.

To make a dinner that transforms into a great next-day lunch, keep these guidelines in mind:

The Thanksgiving Turkey Principle: Any meat you roast makes a good sandwich or wrap filling. Roast chicken or pork chops can be thinly sliced, and keep just as well as cold cuts near an ice pack. And roast chickpeas or potatoes make fantastic finger-food the next day!

The Rainbow Connection: To make sure your kid sees some green in their lunch, double down on the colorful ingredients in your salad: extra chopped cucumber, peppers, carrots, nuts, berries and hard-boiled eggs all make fantastic snacks and salads the next day. For choosy eaters, try a deconstructed “rainbow” salad for dinner (instead of tossing the veggies, you arrange ingredients in rows to make a rainbow.) Everyone can load their plate with whatever they like, making it easy to nab the bits that were hits for school the next day.

The Sides-To-Stars Theory: Making double portions of dinner sides like rice, quinoa or pasta gives you a great base for lunchbox main dishes. Brown rice can be used as a base for lunchtime rice bowls or burritos, and pasta can be turned into a cold pasta salad.

The Perfect-As-Is Protocol: Some dinners just make fantastic grab-n-go leftovers. Make extra portions of soups of any kind (see here for our favourites) and pour it into a thermos to tote it to school. And no youngster argues with left-over pizza, especially when it’s homemade

For more inspiration, check out our ideas to re-energize your lunch here! Or, pack lunch like it’s a picnic with these handy tips

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