Eat like a bunny! How to grow your own micro-garden for Easter

Grow a simple micro garden this Easter and teach your kids how to eat like a bunny!

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Springtime is the perfect time to celebrate gardens, and get your children interested in growing their own food. And while we think of Easter as time for chocolate (and marshmallow chicks, and jellybeans...) it’s also a perfect opportunity to get kids into eating eggs and greens - especially when they’ve grown their own greens. This Easter, try making your own microgreens garden, and watch your family eat like bunnies!

Why microgreens? Even if you don’t have a green thumb, these tiny plants are enormously forgiving and will grow practically anywhere - including in cracked egg shells. Plus, if you have a little one who balks at green stuff, growing and snipping their own crop can go a long way towards encouraging them to see it in a new (and tasty) light.

To get started, you’ll need a little potting soil, a light (we use a desklamp with a “daylight” lightbulb in it, but if you can get a full spectrum lamp you’ll be set) and a packet of seeds. Watercress and alfalfa grow really fast, which make them a great choice for this project. You can also try sunflowers, basil...or just about any lettuce green.

Next, you’ll make a place for your greens to grow. Eggshells make a fun and effective sprout pot - just put a little potting soil in a cracked egg shell (use a pin to poke a few drainage holes first) and scatter your seeds on the soil. For a pretty effect, use egg shells you’ve already decorated and we love this idea for drawing funny faces on the eggs since kids will want to give their eggs frequent “hair cuts”. You can also try your hand at an egg-carton cress caterpillar, since it’s the perfect size for most window sills. Older children can try making a cress garden; to do this, put cotton batting on a plate or plastic tray, dampen it down with a water spritzer and sprinkle it with alfalfa seeds. With daily spritzing, you’ll have a field of alfalfa within three days. 

Once your sprouts are ready, set them in the middle of the table - it’s time for a feast! Kids can snip their own sprouts onto tasty egg sandwiches as a topping (here’s inspiration) or on top of any salad or soup as a crunchy garnish. You can try them in pitas, wraps, or any place you’d normally use lettuce. And of course you’ll want to start growing more once you’ve eaten your harvest so here are a few recipes to help you stockpile more egg shells.

If you’re looking to decorate more Easter eggs while you wait for your garden to grow, check out our tips on decorating Easter eggs using natural dyes (the kind you can make using stuff that’s already in your kitchen) and our Pinterest boards for more inspiration! We’re posting daily recipes and craft ideas on our Twitter feed, and we’d love to see your microgardens on our Facebook Page. Hoppy planting!

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