Easy as cake: we’ve got hassle-free birthday cake decorating ideas!


Were you wishing for birthday cake? We’ve got 15 easy hacks for birthday cake decorations that are easy peasy—plus an awesome giveaway at the end of this post! (Update: Our giveaway has now ended, but we still have fantastic cake decoration ideas for you below.)

One of the best things about birthday cake is that it brings out everyone’s inner kid: if your cooking is generally of the get-dinner-on-the-table variety, birthday cake is a chance to have a little fun together, and to add some pizzazz to your cooking routine. And sharing birthday cake making with your family is a delicious way to celebrate a birthday together. The secret to keeping it fun is keeping your ideas simple.

The best thing about birthday cake? It’s very forgiving. The truth is that however your cake ends up, once it has candles a-glow and your party-goers are singing, your birthday kid will be thrilled no matter what it looks like. And that’s the true magic of a birthday cake.

Today, we’ve got 15 easy (we promise) decorating ideas for birthday cake that any family can handle together, plus ideas on how to get your kids involved...and at the end of this post, we’ve got a fantastic cake-decoration giveaway for you that’s a cake-walk to enter! (Note: this giveaway has now ended -- but cake is eternal, so please enjoy the rest of this post!)

How to involve your kids:

Here are some of the easiest ways to decorate cakes:

If you’re feeling fancy, you can use cookies to make a slightly more elaborate cake—try crumbled up cookies for construction cake, cookie towers for a castle cake, or crushed cookies for a garden cake. Or, why not let the kids do the decorating entirely themselves: here's our tutorial on how to throw a cupcake decorating party or a pizza party.

Have we got you wishing for a magical birthday cake? Enter our #CakesAreBetterTogether giveaway! Here’s how:

Share an image of your dream cake with us on Instagram or Facebook by tagging @bettertogetherbc and using the hashtag #CakesAreBetterTogether for a chance to win an amazing cake decorating prize pack, along with a cake plate that dreams are made of. Enter via comment (just tell us about your dream cake) or by sharing images of a cake you love. Contest is open to BC residents only, and all qualifying entries will be entered into a draw to win our prize pack. This contest kicks off on July 10th and the winner will be chosen on July 21st. Make your birthday cake wishes come true!

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  • Matcha coconut cheese cake. Homemade. Not too sweet.

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