Cooking + Fun + Family + Prizes = The Hands-on Cook-off Contest!

This just in! The Better Together second annual Hands-on Cook-off contest is happening this summer- from July 15 to August 31!

Here’s how it works.

Anyone in BC can enter. Simply team up with a child, grandchild, neighbor, niece, nephew or friend (two generations must be represented) and create a short, punchy video that shows the world in 3 minutes or less how to make one of your favorite recipes (breakfast, BBQ, pizza, salad, dinner, snack, dessert).

Win great prizes.

$2000, $1000 and $500 gift cards to any of the Overwaitea Food Groups stores will be awarded to three videos that best meet the contest criteria. Winners can opt for a gift card to any of these stores or choose cash in the amount of $1500, $750 or $350 respectively. Plus, more early bird prizes are up for grabs- see the contest section of this site!


Having fun together and child participation are the most important contest criteria. For our complete contest rules, please visit the contest section of this site.


Some of BC’s favorite personalities will be judging the video, including Michael Eckford, co-host of Urban Rush, David Robertson, Executive Chef at the Dirty Apron Cooking School and Kia Robertson, Founder of Today I Ate a Rainbow.

Enter the contest!

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