Kitchen comfort: recipes for when your family is under the weather

Feeling a little under the weather? We're sharing recipes for chicken soup and other kitchen-based home remedies that just might put a spring back in your family's step (or at least they'll soothe your head cold).

When you were a kid, what did your parents cook up for you when you were sick? Around the world, you’ll find incredible recipes for homemade cold and flu remedies—depending on where you come from, you might treat a cold with hot milk and butter (Poland), a nagging cough with milk and turmeric (India), or  flu with pickled turnips (Japan). Take a sick day with us—today, we’re sharing recipes that are sure to have you and your kids feeling better in no time.

Stuffed noses:
What is it about a steaming bowl of chicken soup that makes us feel so much better when we’ve got the sniffles? Read up on the science behind chicken soup (bottom line: it’s hydrating and tasty —but it also seems like there might be something in that combo of ingredients that treats colds effectively!). Ready to brew up some home-cooked magic? Here are six simple chicken soup recipes to choose from, a fragrant Pho recipe, and a veggie soup that will make everyone feel better. 

Sore throats:
Whether your kid has an upset stomach or a sore throat, homemade popsicles are a great way to re-hydrate them while putting a smile on their face. We’ve got 10 great DIY popsicle recipes here, and love the Imagination Popsicles recipe from our community. If your child doesn’t care for cold cures, try these warm drinks—honey lemon tea, lemon cider and ginger tea are all kid-friendly favourites that are sure to soothe a raw throat.

Other comfort foods:
If your child has set up camp on the couch, we prescribe a family movie night with these foodie-friendly kid flicks. Once your family’s on the mend, there are lots of comfort foods that will help them build up their strength (and get their appetites back!) Try these soups, stew, classic macaroni and cheese or a rich risotto. And comfort food is a great way to help out other families who are having a hard time—check out this read on how to cook sympathy meals with your family for friends in need.

For some kids, the worst part of feeling ill is feeling booooooored. Crack open a classic children’s story together—you might be surprised by how many children’s books there are where food turns out the be the perfect cure for what ails you—or where food is practically a main character! Would you try these any of these cures?

Of course, cooking together is also a great way to improve everyone’s emotional well-being—once your family’s feeling better, check out these ways cooking can help kids feel calm and focused after a hard day at school. What are your favourite family recipes for sick days? Let us know on our Facebook Page or Instagram feed - we’d love to hear from you!

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