Camp Kitchen: all the inspiration you need to rock summer camp at home

Get ready to rock home-based summer camp with these kitchen based activities and challenges!

With no summer camp on the horizon, lots of families have decided to rock their own stay-at-home camps. But how do you fill that schedule after months of, well, staying home? Have courage, we’ve got loads of ideas for you to make stay-at-home camp a snap! Check out our recipes and activity ideas below, and then get ready for Camp Kitchen 2020. We’ve carefully chosen ideas that kids can do independently—and with many of these activities, you’ll also wind up with something delicious at the end!

With your kitchen and a little inspiration, kids can make toys and musical instruments; learn to make their own snacks; try tricks that are both magical and delicious; and even do some homework they can eat with these math and science experiments! Then, read about the surprising history of cake with your kiddos, and give the recipes a try, or enjoy some summer plums and poetry with this read. As your kids get ready to level up their cooking skills, let them try out these cooking challenges (separated into easy, medium and advanced)  -- or just browse our recipe archives and pick a recipe to try together! 

Once you're fuelled up, head outside to enjoy the summer weather! We’ve got ideas for all kinds of field trips you can take: try a beach picnic, campfire recipes or outdoor cooking in your own backyard! Test yourself on the history of lemonade, or mix up some summery drinks from history and around the world. And don't forget to test out our top 10 DIY popsicle recipes while learning about how these icy treats were accidentally invented... by a kid!

For brilliant summer recipes the whole family will love, challenge the kids to cook up a rainbow with these rainbow wands, rainbow salads, rainbow veggie rolls and rainbow parfaits. We’ve got more cool summer dinner recipe ideas here, plus recipes that let you stay cool by cooking with your fridge! And while you’re enjoying a lazy afternoon, kids will love listening to podcasts like Mystery Recipe  and Cool Kids Cook, or by reading our favourite foodie graphic novels. 

If your home camp is also homeschooling, browse through our resources for fun kitchen activities that teach over 40 school subjects, from astronomy to zoology! Or, check out our communities on Facebook and Instagram where we’re sharing activities, inspiration and recipe ideas all summer long.

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